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Code Review

We offer reviews to any kind of source-code. Be it the one from a website or of a smart contract, let us have a look and we can offer advice, guidance and connections.

Report Writing

We've created several reports in the past that present the reader with an intelligent, but on the same time easy to comprehend report. Our clients love the reports in combination with our marketing services!

Community Growth

We actively help to manage and grow social media communities with our skill in promotion and community development. Additionally, we are well-versed in English, German and Dutch, with strong networks spanning multiple continents.

Project Design

Our advisory experience helps projects at their design stage. We have helped design tier systems, tokenomics and more. Additionally, with our expertise in management consulting, we can enhance a project’s scalability, and ensure long-run growth.

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Who we are

While our VC is new, our team is not. Some of us started as early as 2013 in the crypto space and been active since. By following the space throughout the years - No matter if bear or bull - We gained valuable insights about successful launches, market dynamics and most importantly: common mistakes. Speaking to us provides you with the services you need and the experience you didn't think you need.

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